Queen Elizabeth Health Complex

July 3, 2019


(CURE board members pose for photo op with Queen Elizabeth Health Complex Staff (l to r: Cindy Reddick, Chief Technician, Dr. Laurence Kadoch, Imaging Medical Director, Diane Proulx-Guerrera, CURE Foundation Founder and Sal Guerrera,CURE Foundation board member, Dr. Mark Roper, Head Physician of the Super clinic)

We are thrilled to announce the naming of the CURE Foundation Breast Health Centre, in recognition of the Foundation’s long-standing support of the Queen Elizabeth Health Complex since 2003.

CURE’s engagement has included help purchasing multiple pieces of equipment for screening and treating breast cancer.

Most recently, CURE funding contributed to the purchase of a dedicated ultrasound machine for patients participating in the provincial breast screening program. This is an honour we share with all our National Denim Day donors, who are helping us ensure all women have access to breast cancer care when and where they need it.