National Denim Day

POWERing the fight, since 1997

Participation is simple.

Organizations are encouraged to allow employees or students to wear denim and CURE’s ribbon in exchange for a suggested $5.00 donation. Your collected donations helps the Foundation explore all possible avenues to ensure no lives are lost due to a lack of funding. Click here to learn more about our funding initiatives.

How can you help?

We need Canadians like YOU to be our heroes in your workplace by becoming a CURE Ambassador. As an Ambassador, your role is to spread awareness about the campaign among your co workers and invite them to donate. Your dedication will help us to ensure CURE continues to be a successful force in the fight against breast cancer.

Why register?

Upon registration, our team will send you a free kit. Your kit contains ribbons, posters, CURE Donation Form, and a Return Envelope. For additional campaign materials, click here to access downloadable Ambassador tools.