Providing financial support for breast cancer research has always been a driving force in CURE’s mission. Through strategic partnerships with Canada top institutions, the foundation invests in basic, translational and clinical research, all with the goal of improving treatment and finding a cure.

“Without research, I would not be here today.
Without research, we would not have been able to change the meaning of a cancer diagnosis.
It is no longer a terminal illness, but rather one that is treatable, that is beatable.
And I am living proof of that.”

-CURE Founder, Diane Proulx-Guerrera

Your Dollars At Work

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Dr. Morag Park

Director of McGill University’s Goodman Cancer Research Centre, as well as the Diane and Sal Guerrera Chair in Cancer Genetics, funded through the CURE Foundation.

Over the last 30 years, Dr. Park has honed her research interests in the molecular mechanisms of cancer, highlighting the importance of the tumour microenvironment in cancer progression. More recently, she has begun to explore how multiple genetic alterations and epigenetic events synergize to promote tumorigenesis and progression in human breast cancer.

Dr. Mark Basik

Attending Surgical Oncologist at the Jewish General Hospital, as well as Assistant Professor at the Department of Oncology of McGill University, studies drug resistant breast cancer cells.

Among a number of important research initiatives, Dr. Basik and his team are focused on better understanding drug resistant cells. While breast cancer is commonly treated with a variety of therapies, including chemotherapy and radiation, not all cancerous cells are destroyed using these methods. If cells are not destroyed, the disease can continue to wreak havoc in the body. Figuring out why some cells are resistant to certain breast cancer therapies is an important step in finding a cure.

Dr. Amélie Fradet-Turcotte

Centre de recherche du CHU de Québec – Université Laval, in partnership with Cancer Research Society

Dr. Fradet-Turcotte and her team are studying the cell mutations found in patients with hereditary breast cancer. Their goal is to better understand the ability of cancer cells to resist certain treatments and therefore enable the design of better treatment strategies that use the patient’s genome information to provide personalized therapies

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Dr. Mark Clemons

Clinical Investigator at the Ottawa Hospital Research Institute (Cancer Therapeutics Program), staff medical oncologist (Ottawa Hospital Cancer Centre) and Professor of Medicine (University of Ottawa)

Dr. Mark Clemons at the Ottawa Hospital and his team have developed REaCT, a unique approach to clinical trials that puts the patient at the centre of the research, while improving clinical care. Their goal is to create a national REaCT network, with 5 partner hospitals already at work in Kingston, London, Kitchener, Newmarket and Edmonton.

Dr. Kathryn Isaac

Dr. Patricia Clugston VGH & UBC Hospital Foundation Chair in Breast Reconstruction Surgery

With the appointment of Dr. Kathryn Isaac as Chair in Breast Reconstruction Surgery, the program aims to provide timely and equitable access to high quality personalized care for all British Columbian women diagnosed with breast cancer. To achieve this goal, efforts will focus on improving the patient’s journey through breast cancer treatment and enhancing the delivery of personalized care. Specifically, the program will implement novel healthcare navigation strategies to improve the clinical experience, advance personalized care with integration of bioinformatics, and develop an efficient system to ensure delivery of high quality care across the entire province. This is also an opportunity to develop and strengthen partnerships, advocate for policy changes, coordinate training and education, and build an efficient research team in cancer care delivery.

Our ongoing success

For close to 25 years, CURE has been powering the fight against breast cancer by investing in programs for prevention and early detection, cutting edge research to improve treatment, and a range of supportive services for patients and their families. Click here to learn more about how our funding partnerships translate into success stories for everyone involved.