The CURE Foundation Financial Assistance Program for Breast Cancer Patients was created to address the financial impact of a breast cancer diagnosis on the patient. The program offers grants of up to $2000 to applicants to provide some relief during a very challenging time in their life.

Eligibility Criteria

  • The applicant must be diagnosed with breast cancer (priority given to those in active treatment*) or 6 months post-treatment
  • The applicant must be a Canadian citizen, approved landed immigrant or permanent resident
  • Each application can be submitted for a maximum of $2000 (funds permitting)
  • Each applicant can submit one application per year, with a lifetime maximum of $4000 to be allocated in total. 
  • The application must be signed by either your social worker, nurse, oncologist

*Active treatment: For the purse of this application, this refers to surgery, chemotherapy and radiation

Required Documents

  • A copy of Notice of Assessment for the last fiscal year (page with detailed calculations)
  • A copy of the spouse’s Notice of Assessment (if applicable) for the last fiscal year (page with detailed calculations)
  • Only if you are on sick leave: Proof that you had employment income in the year prior to your breast cancer diagnosis (e.g. your last pay stub, recent proof of salary or disability insurance or employment insurance)
  • A letter written by the applicant explaining his or her situation and need for financial assistance, amount requested and what the funds will be used for (maximum one page)

If needed, we may ask for other documents.

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