1. When people are faced with health issues as either a patient or family member, other people’s experiences are always a valued source of information. Thanks to research led by experts at St. Mary’s and McGill University, you can see, listen, and read about Canadians’ first-hand accounts with breast cancer, through videos and transcripts of in-depth interviews.

Click here : Health Experiences in Breast Cancer

2. As patients begin recovery from active cancer treatment and look toward returning to daily life, they and their families may have many questions about the best ways to recuperate and heal. The Looking Forward kit is a series of booklets offering information, support and resources for patients completing active cancer treatment.

Looking Forward : Rebuilding Your Life after Cancer Treatment

3. Cedars MUHC Patient Education Oncology Guides

The Cedars MUHC Patient Education Oncology Guides were developed for patients and their families by the MUHC Patient Education Office and MUHC clinical content experts and healthcare teams.

Using pictures, images and animations, they can help to clarify, and individualize the complexities of modern diagnoses, treatments and care trajectories.

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